• On August 1st, 2015, The Tricontinental Master Program in Global Studies began the admission of students as a part of the College of Law and Politics. It was founded by Program Director Bernard Y. Kao. The partners are Karlsruhe University of Applied Science (HKA) and Universad de Monterrey (UDEM). The triple university program involves the integration of the three schools and the continuous communication and consultation, which is quite a difficult feat. This program, the school has accumulated considerable experience and gradually established a routine process for international course management.

  • ​​In April, 2016, the program has received accreditation in Germany and is an internationally recognized international course.​​

  • In the 2018-19 school year, the was transferred to the College of Innovation and Industry Liaison, which is headed by Dean Sheng-yang Wang.

  • In the future, this program will be incorporated into the future International College of NCHU. Based on the existing cooperation, it will continue to expand and grow and become one of the highlights in the future.