Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HKA)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Bleiweis

Tel: +49 721 925 1953

Email: stefan.bleiweis@hs-karlsruhe.de

Field of Study: Business Administration, Corporate Management

Course taught: International Business and Management

Prof. Dr. Johannes Schmidt

Tel: +49 721 925 1981

Email: johannes.schmidt@hs-karlsruhe.de 

Field of Study: Macroeconomics, monetary theory and politics, economic policy

Course taught: European Economic Policy

Prof. Dr. Andrea Cnyrim

Tel: +49 721 925 1965

Email: andrea.cnyrim@hs-karlsruhe.de

Field of Study: Business Communication (including communicative styles, virtual teams), Negotiation, Conflict management, Intercultural opening, Multilingualism

Course taught: European Business Culture

Prof. Dr. Christian Seiter

Tel: +49 721 925 1979

Email: christian.seiter@hs-karlsruhe.de

Field of Study: Global Marketing

Course taught: Global Marketing Management

Prof. Dr. Dr. Irina von Kempski

Tel: +49 721 925 1927

Email: Irina_von.Kempski@hs-karlsruhe.de

Field of Study: Human Resources, Ledership, Organization management

Course taught: Management of International Organizations

Prof. Dr. Andreas Beyer

Tel: N/A

Email: andreas.beyer@hs-karlsruhe.de

Field of Study: European Law

Course taught: Legal Systems in Europe

Prof. Dr. Karl Dübon

Tel: +49 721 925 2963

Email: karl.duebon@hs-karlsruhe.de

Field of Study: Business administration, financial processes

Course taught: Enterprise Risk Management

Prof. Dr. -Ing. Karl-Robert Graf

Tel: +49 721 925 2956

Email: robert.graf@hs-karlsruhe.de

Field of Study: Business organization, production processes

Course taught: Operations Management

Prof. Dr. Christoph Roser

Tel: +49 721 925 1936

Email: Christoph.Roser@hs-karlsruhe.de

Field of Study: Lean production, Operational Excellence

Course taught: Advanced Production Management

National Chung Hsing University (NCHU)

Prof. Dr. Bernard Y. Kao

Tel: +886 4 2284 0880 #599

Email: bnrdkao@dragon.nchu.edu.tw

Field of Study: International Law, CRPD

Course taught: Legal Systems of China and Taiwan

Prof. Dr. Ta-Jung Lu

Tel: +886 4  2284 0411 #816

Email: tjlu@dragon.nchu.edu.tw

Field of Study: Organic Synthesis, Organic Analysis, Technology Management

Course taught: Management of Technology Intensive Company

Asst. Prof. Tze-Chang Liu

Tel: +886 4 2284 0668 #706

Email: tcliu@dragon.nchu.edu.tw

Field of Study: Global Studies, Social Foundation, Educational Policy Studies, Program Evaluation, Technology Education, Vocational Education

Course taught: Global Neoliberalism and Eastern Culture


Prof. Dr. Mumin Chen

Tel: +886 4 2284 0310 #774

Email: muminchen@dragon.nchu.edu.tw

Field of Study: Post-positivist theories of international relations, regional studies of South Asia and the Middle East, non-traditional security

Course taught: Politics and Economy in South Asia and the Middle East

Asst. Prof. Yiyuan (William) Su

Tel: +886 4 2284 0880 #708; +886 4 2285 3276

Email: suyiyuan@dragon.nchu.edu.tw

Field of Study: Climate Change Policies

Course taught: Comparative Studies on Climate Change Policies and Laws in Asia

Asst. Prof. Hui-Chuan Pai

Tel: +886 4 2284 0668

Email: hcpai@dragon.nchu.edu.tw

Field of Study: Counseling consultation, Parent education, Body and mind development, Human philosophy

Course taught: Self Psychology in Modern Time

Prof. Clyde A. Warden

Tel: +886 4 2284 0392 #784

Email: warden@dragon.nchu.edu.tw

Field of Study: International corporate culture, American corporate culture, service marketing, internet marketing, linguistics, digital English teaching

Course taught: Contemporary English Thesis Writing & Presentation

Prof. Dr. Chia-Lin Chang

Tel: +86 4 2284 0350 #309

Email: changchialin@nchu.edu.tw

Field of Study: Industrial Organization, Empirical Finance, Energy Finance

Course taught: Asian Economies

University of Monterrey (UDEM)

Prof. Dr. Osmar Ernesto Arandia Pérez

Tel: +52  81 8215 1000 #4148

Email: osmar.arandia@udem.edu

Field of Study: International Business

Course taught: Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Prof. Dr. Karla María Nava Aguirre

Tel: N/A

Email: N/A

Field of Study: N/A

Course taught: NAFTA Business Environment

Prof. Dr. Santos Saenz Delgado

Tel: N/A

Email: santos.saenz@udem.edu

Field of Study: Civil Engineering

Course taught: Introduction to Latin America Management

Prof. Dr. Miriam Flores

Tel: N/A

Email: N/A

Field of Study: Sales

Course taught: The Process of Sales and Management

Prof. Dr. Carlos Enrique Atoche Kong

Tel: N/A

Email: N/A

Field of Study: Economics

Course taught: Microeconomics of Competitiveness

Prof. Dr. Eduardo Javier Treviño Saldivar

Tel: N/A

Email: N/A

Field of Study: Economics, Finance

Course taught: Risk Management in Emerging Markets, Corporate Finance